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Opis DS Super App2SD Lite

(A paid version "Droidsail Super App2SD Pro"is released, which removed ads and add one key "Move System Update App" to SD card (save even more space), and more batch operations. :)

Move more apps to SD card!!! New version support Link2SD now!!!

This is a super APP2SD tool for ROOTed user (Android 2.2 and above), which could force move/link more apps (even those apps marked with internal only :) to SD card (or move/link back phone) and save more space than normal App2SD apps.

You can also perform batch move apps, set default install location of apps, clear cache with this app.

And this app have full functions (no limitation) with ads. Simple is the best! :)

System Requirement:

1. A ROOTed phone;

2. USB debugging enabled (Go to System Settings->Application->Developemnt->USB debugging);

3. Link2SD function requires external SD card supported on device;


(App2SD)Some app which has widget/alarm/wallpaper/InputMethod in using is not recommanded to be moved to SD card, which may cause problem.

(Link2SD)"Link2SD" feature requires your device supports external SD card, and create dedicated partition for it. And we recommend to use EXT2, EXT3 format. In addition, once "Link2SD" is used, do not remove the SD card at run time, or reboot device after pull out the SD card, and, do not modify or delete "/dsapps/dslink2sd" folder on that partition, which may cause unexpect problem.

Link2SD Initialization:

(Please create the additional partition on SD card and format it to EXT2 or EXT3 by self, e.g. on a PC.)

User need to initialize the "Link2SD" feature. Launch the app, click target app to be linked in list and select "Link to SD". If not initialized, the app will automatically guide the user to initialize.

The first step is to choose the SD card partition. The app will list all available SD cards and partitions, for example, the second partition on the first external SD card will be called SD card 1, Partition 2. Please select additional partition, do not select the default FAT32 partition.

The second step is to select the partition format. (We also provide an "AUTO" option, user can try AUTO if other specified format does not work.)

The third step is to apply settings, and the app will prompt the user to reboot to take effect. After reboot, if the initialization is successful, click target app and select "Link to SD" again, you will see linking dialog. But if failed, the app will show initialization dialog again, please check the partition and format and try above steps again.


1. List all movable apps;

2. Move apps to SD card (even marked with internal only);

3. Move apps back phone;

4. Link apps to SD card;

5. Unlink apps from SD card;

6. Batch move apps (silent mode, user free);

7. Set default install location of apps(Auto/Internal/SD Card);

8. Show total/used/left space of phone or SD card;

9. 1 tap to clear all app cache;

10. Sort apps by name, size, install date;

11. Run installed apps;

12. Uninstall apps;

13. View app on market;

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